Entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone – hundreds of people fail for every entrepreneur that succeeds

My name is Christopher Pavlou and, in 2015, I left my job to chase my dreams in a bid to have a massive impact on the world.  This is a journal illustrating how I have found life as an entrepreneur, the challenges, the euphoric highs, the crushing lows, and the (many) lessons I have learnt.  Welcome to my memoirs.

Why am I Cataloguing my Memoirs?

Since embarking on my journey, I have been approached by many people who have told me they are actually quite unhappy in their current job/way of life and feel stuck. I hope that, by sharing my experiences of leaving my comfortable (but ultimately unfulfilling) job to chase my dreams, I will be able to help those who are considering making the “entrepreneurial leap” understand what is really involved in order to make an informed decision.

Spoiler: Entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone – hundreds of people fail for every entrepreneur that succeeds.

A Little About my Background

I graduated in 2013 with a Master’s degree in Aerospace & Aerothermal Engineering and took a job at an oil & gas supermajor.  I was financially secure, and I thought I had my life & career mapped out.  However, like many millennials, I soon became disillusioned with the reality of being “just another cog in the machine”.  I had little interest in the work I was doing and quickly realised that I could never have the tangible impact on people’s lives that I wanted to, or become as “successful” as I aspired to be.

Chilling next to the Android Marshmallow statue at Google HQ, Mountain View, CA

I quickly began considering my options, and then took the leap!

I am now a Fellow of the New Entrepreneurs Foundation, who helped place me as Head of Growth in a start-up where I honed my entrepreneurial skills alongside the founder and CEO.  I then launched my own start-up with my co-founder – we specialise in launching and growing e-commerce businesses (using a combination of conventional techniques, and our own in-house developed secret-sauce).

I write about lessons I have learnt along the way (both from experience and training) and the journey I have taken in my quest.  I hope that you find some of the content that I write about useful and that it inspires you to ensure that you do what you enjoy and that you prepare yourself to follow your dreams.

Christopher Pavlou